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So, what makes raspberry leaf so effective for pregnant women?

We have brought in our Herbalist Jane to talk to you about the benefits of raspberry leaf and pregnancy, Jane also help formulate and advise on our Raspberry leaf herbal tea.

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Our common garden raspberry bush is a familiar sight and scent of summer with bright juicy red fruits delighting our taste buds. Originally raspberry plants would have been growing wild in our hedgerows and along the edges of woodlands but early folk had the wisdom to cultivate this medicinal and culinary powerhouse.



As with many plants there is more than meets the eye with our humble raspberry bush and it is the leaves that have the most medicinal properties. Pregnant women from the earliest times have enjoyed raspberry leaves.  The Roman Pliny the elder mentions its usage in his medical botany works, considered the cradle of early plant medicine, giving us a historical time frame for its efficacy.


So, what makes raspberry leaf so effective for pregnant women? Raspberry leaves are a larder of nutrients and are a tonic for the entire body. They contain high levels of calcium, which acts on the nervous system and help to relieve pain. Other beneficial nutrients for pregnant women include iron to maintain red blood cells, magnesium, manganese, niacin, selenium, phosphorous and potassium and also vitamins A, B, C and E. An alkaloid called Fragarine is a key constituent of raspberry leaf, which helps to strengthen and tone the uterine muscles and the entire pelvic area. This is beneficial in pregnancy as it helps to prepare for labour and also encourages efficient contractions during birthing. Drinking raspberry leaf tea in the last trimester of pregnancy helps to prepare for the uncomplicated, memorable and emotionally supportive delivery of a new bundle of joy.


In preparation for birth drink one cup daily during the last two months of pregnancy and freely during labour. For the organised, make ice cubes, as these are particularly refreshing in case of lack of thirst. Raspberry leaf tea can also help with the expulsion of the afterbirth post delivery and will help to restore uterine and reproductive health and help to promote the flow of milk whilst breast feeding.


A powerhouse plant indeed for women!

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