Pregnancy Wellbeing

We have come to the rescue and created a range of pregnancy wellbeing products to support mums-to-be in their hour of need. We have a passion for natural and organic ingredients; our recipes have helped mums-to-be for over three generations, using values handed down from our grandmothers Myrtle & Maude.

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Founded in Yorkshire, Myrtle & Maude creates natural wellbeing products for pregnancy such as our Lactation Tea and  Raspberry Leaf Tea. Our mission is to support parents through those early days of pregnancy and beyond. Our recipes have helped mums-to-be for over three generations, using values handed down from our families. A passion for natural and organic ingredients was in both of our blood, going back to our grandmothers – Myrtle & Maude. The brand is named in their honour.

Grown out of these inherited traditions and knowledge, Myrtle & Maude’s range employs the uplifting, soothing and settling powers of plants and herbs to combat the trials and tribulations of pregnancy. Our passion is to offer reassurance & comfort with the very best natural products giving mums-to-be the best start.


Good Quality packaging to store the product properly. It is by far the best multi nutrient product I have tried. The combination of nutrients seems to support my body really well, and is helping me to manage chronic symptoms of endometriosis. I would go as far to say, I don’t know how I would manage without them now.


This stuff is magic! I have a physically intense job as a fitness instructoe- I love my job but it takes its toll sometimes and when I’m tired I get anxious and stresses (and stroppy)- this supplement has honestly made me able to cope so much better!! I didn’t realise how much it had helped until I ran out so I now have it on subscription so that never happens again.

Rachel L

I would definitely recommend these vitamins as they have had a big impact on my daughters health her energy levels have increased her skin has improved and they are hellping with hormonal imbalance.

Dolores P

I have used a lot of Myrtle & Maude’s products throughout my pregnancy and cannot recommend highly enough. I can trust this brand is safe as is certified organic, vegan. I just purchased the breast feeding lactation tea and here is my progress so far: Day 1 – 2x teas with no effect, Day 2 – 3x teas with an oz increase, Day 3 – 2oz increase. So happy with this product and highly recommend.


I can’t recommend the Morning Sickness B6 bon bons enough, they’ve saved me days moping around feeling sorry for myself. They have a brilliant texture that is kind of a bit chewy and melt in the mouth and a very subtle mint flavour. I love how they are handcrafted and all ingredients are on the back of the packet. I would definitely purchase again as they have helped my morning sickness tremendously. I will definitely be trying all their other products throughout my pregnancy.


Miracle! I don’t usually leave reviews, but I really feel I need too with the Morning Sickness Gift Kit! I’ve been suffering from really bad nausea for just over a week (first pregnancy). I found this product and thought I’d give it a go. It arrived earlier than expected, lovely looking box and products! I have today been having the bon bons and I’ve worn the acupressure wrist bands and I can honestly say it’s taken the worst of my nausea away!! For the first time in over a week I’ve felt a little more “normal” and have been able to do a little more. I would 100% recommend giving this product a go!


Yum! Absolutely delicious. I drank the Raspberry Leaf Tea with honey and it was genuinely the nicest tea I’ve ever had. It arrived very quickly and with a lovely hand written note. I really like Myrtle & Maude as they have strong values. It’s a great pregnancy wellbeing brand.


Great tea, great company! Amazing customer care, fast delivery, great product. I ordered the raspberry leaf tea as part of my preparation for birth and chose Myrtle & Maude’s because of the promise of a high grade organic product. I have been very pleased with the tea. It has also had the desired effect. It’s a big plus for me that the product is certified organic, vegan, caffeine free and packaging is recyclable. I’ll definitely check out there other products. Thanks!


I ordered Raspberry Leaf Tea when I reached the last 8 weeks of my first pregnancy. I had read all about its benefits. The packaging for this tea was beautiful and actually really unexpected when it arrived through the letter box the next day.
The tea itself is very nice, I wouldn’t say it has a particularly strong taste of anything in particular and if you like fruity herbal teas you will enjoy this.