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Peppermint & Ginger Herbal Pregnancy Morning Sickness Tea

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Searching for some quality morning sickness organic herbal pregnancy tea? If so, discover the fantastic organic tea specialised for pregnancy right here.

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For those Queasy Days…
Pregnancy is an exciting journey; don’t let morning sickness ruin it!

Our passion is to offer reassurance & comfort with the very best natural products giving mums-to-be the best start, advocating wellbeing with the aim to support parents through those early days of pregnancy and beyond.

What is morning sickness?
Morning sickness is known for its horrendous symptoms of nausea and vomiting, although a real nuisance it actually affects around 80% of women and is caused not by the baby but by hormones produced by the placenta. These hormones are responsible for keeping your pregnancy going, some may say that this is a good sign!

Typically the symptoms start around the 4th week and usually stopping around 12th-14th weeks, but for some women it can extend longer. If the vomiting becomes really severe then you may be suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which leads to dehydration and requires medical attention.

Take the edge off Morning Sickness with our all natural and caffeine free organic tea blend, which has been specifically formulated and regulated by our master herbalist.

What do the NHS say?
New NHS guidelines mention that there is evidence that ginger may help reduce nausea and vomiting and can play a useful role in treating Morning Sickness. Natural peppermint is also recommended by the NHS as a herbal remedy that can help relieve the symptoms of morning sickness too.…. These two power house herbs are the two major players in our natural blend. It’s a great chance to relax with a cuppa!

We source, grow and pick only the best organic ingredients. We craft all our products in small batches using herbalist traditions. Preciously and carefully handcrafted to create a warming blend of tummy settling ginger, vibrant peppermint and uplifting scent of luxurious fragrant rose petal. Hundreds of thousands of cups of our tea is enjoyed every year by mums-to-be, bringing comfort on those queasy days.

Ingredients: Peppermint (35%), Ginger root (25%), Lemon balm (15%) Chamomile (15%), Rose petal (5%), Orange peel (5%)

Each pouch contains 15 tea bags – As each bag contains whole leaves, herbs, flowers and fruits, don’t throw it away after one use, why not top it up throughout the day by adding water to get the most out of the botanicals.

Myrtle & Maude’s range employs the uplifting, soothing and settling powers of plants and herbs to combat the trials and tribulations of pregnancy.

Your safety is our priority. All Myrtle & Maude products are formulated and regulated by a qualified herbalist. We know the natural world, and take inspiration from the earth and its raw beauty to provide handmade, unique blends, created to provide comfort and wellbeing. The highly-trained team in our nature labs are specialist growers, pruners, pickers, blenders and everything in-between. We are proud of our craft and prefer to only source high-quality, natural ingredients.

Be sure to explore our range of tea options too such as the Raspberry Leaf Tea for pregnancy.

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2 reviews for Peppermint & Ginger Herbal Pregnancy Morning Sickness Tea

  1. Sally (verified owner)

    This tea helped to get me through most mornings during my first trimester. i liked the combination of flavours, as i found pure ginger or peppermint teas to be too overpowering. i think the rose and chamomile really help to mellow the flavour.

    • Myrtle & Maude Team

      Myrtle & Maude Team (verified owner)

      Hi Sally,
      Thank you for your review.
      We selected each ingredient carefully to compliment the blend and aid the symptoms of morning sickness
      Kind Regards

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Ask the Myrtle & Maude team a question

1 month 9 days ago

What does vitamin B6 do for pregnancy and morning sickness?

Myrtle & Maude Team
1 month 9 days ago

Hi Jane,
Studies have shown Vitamin B6 can be effective at reducing morning sickness symptoms.
In some cases women who have severe morning sickness have lower levels of vitamin B6 in their blood.
Check out our B6 Bon Bons
Best wishes,


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